Saturday, 8 May 2010

Its been a few days lol

I havent posted for a few days!! I have been super busy!

Chloe and Jaycee have been cutting their back teeth so the joy you can all imagine. Havent been on great terms with their dad either as I feel that he just acts like he cares because of his family! But hey ho! He only sees them twice a week but would rather spend that time on his phone on facebook poking his child girlfriend. Sometimes I wish he would just grow up. They wont be proud of him they will end up thinking he is worthless if he dont. But not that I care.. Thats only what he has chosen for himself!

Anyway, I went to my flat the other day and work had been completed!! No keys yet though. So annoyed now! I have been told 3 times to expect them and still nothing.. If I dont hear anything this week I am going to call them and tell them to pull their fingers out!! Its madness!! We have to wait so so long!!

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